Catalyzing Resilience and Antifragility Workshop

Is your organization focused on thriving, beyond surviving, in a disruptive world? Is your organization trying to achieve greater resilience and antifragility? Is your organization trying to transform? If so, consider the need to synergize business, strategy, leadership, culture, execution, technology as well as customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) in the creation of value.

Are you confronting a crisis or readying to launch a transformation or change initiative? Do you want to do everything possible to ensure the journey is integrated, well-orchestrated, and accelerated towards achieving outcomes and impacts with enduring scalability and sustainability?

Or are you in the middle of a transformation or change journey that is challenged, struggling, or stalling? Does it seem fragmented rather than integrated? Does it seem confused rather than well-orchestrated? Does it seem prolonged rather than accelerated? Is it achieving the outcomes and impacts intended? Is scalability and sustainability a challenge? Is the leadership team frustrated? Is the change team frustrated? Are people experiencing change fatigue?

There is a different way!

The Workshop

The Catalyzing Resilience and Antifragility workshop is a hands-on experience designed to catalyze your journey towards achieving greater resilience, antifragility, and transformation. The workshop ensures a transformation or change journey is integrated, well-orchestrated, and accelerates outcomes and impacts with enduring scalability and sustainability.

To maximize your potential for success with resilience, antifragility, and transformation, the event organizes a collection of facilitated conversations visualized using various canvases that explore the dimensions of resilience and antifragility to reveal insights, challenges, constraints, and enablers that are integrated into an actionable transformation strategy.

Beyond the workshop, we can partner together to enable your journey to achieve greater resilience, antifragility, and transformation at any scope and scale. See our Transformation Roadmap for more information.

  • Confront a crisis or launch a new transformation or change journey of any scope and scale (team/project, department/division, enterprise/organization, etc.) by grounding, orienting, and activating a leadership team and change team.
  • Vitalize a challenged transformation or change journey that is not generating outcomes or making an impact by reestablishing the leadership team’s and change team’s transformation strategy and approach.
  • Ground leaders and change teams in assessing current conditions and designing interventions for achieving success.
  • Business leaders, who lead transformations and change journeys, specifically from a business viewpoint.
  • Technology leaders, who lead transformations and change journeys, specifically from a technology viewpoint.
  • Change agents, who advance change within their organizations.
  • Coaches & Consultants, who coach and consult their clients in transformations and change journeys.

Part 1: Diagnostic – Raise Awareness & Generate Insights

  • Determine the subject — a team/project, department/division, or enterprise/organization
  • Explore the subject and its environment
  • Recognize why transformation and change are imperative
  • Explore the subject’s ability to adapt and evolve in its environment
  • Recognize the subject’s constraints and enablers for achieving great resiliency and antifragility
  • Become aware of the subject’s degree of resiliency and antifragility

Part 2: Enablement – Ready for Action & Inspire for Impact

  • Recognize what the subject’s environment deems valuable — the subject’s business model
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and disruption
  • Recognize how the subject generates value — the subject’s operating model
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Understand a proven approach to catalyzing resiliency, antifragility, and transformation
  • Design a transformation strategy for catalyzing the subject’s resiliency and antifragility
Event Fee

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