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“In The Antifragility Edge, Alhir provides practical advice and guidance for those seeking to build and nurture an organization that is fit for the challenges we face in today’s world as well as being fit for the future. Proven through his impressive work in the trenches, readers are sure to benefit from an artfully crafted approach that is always context sensitive and places the human aspects of an enterprise front and center.”


“There is a massive and urgent need for developing practical literature and a dialog on the application of Nassim Taleb’s seminal concept of antifragility. Our beliefs and world infrastructure reflect inherent fragility that not only limits our comprehension, it endangers our society. Si Alhir has contributed significantly to the emerging field of antifragility, and in The Antifragility Edge he explores how antifragility may be operationalized by individuals and organizations to achieve greater antifragility.”


“Sinan Si Alhir offers a way for organisations to feed on disruption. He offers strategies for flourishing in chaos embracing today’s global economic uncertainties. This is strategic thinking for a new world – one in which so much of what you thought you could rely on no longer applies.”
David Cushman (@davidcushman), Business Consultant and author of The 10 Principles of Open Business: Building Success in Today’s Open Economy


“What’s next? That is a question that I have heard countless times over the past few years. Si Alhir answers that question, providing a guide that will help individuals, teams, and organizations become more resilient and future-proof (antifragile) than most could even imagine. Si’s unique perspective, vast experience and practical knowledge, and sheer pragmatism all come together to give the reader of The Antifragility Edge a pathway to the future. If you want to change your paradigm and thrive in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), this is a must read.”
Steve Fastabend (@SteveFastabend), Organizational Transformation Coach


“Si has always demonstrated the ability to keenly appreciate and artfully blend, integrate, and put into practice the crucial concepts across a vast assortment of bodies of experience to help individuals, teams, and enterprises transform to a healthier place and achieve their business goals. The Antifragility Edge advances this art to a whole new level beyond integrating these foundational concepts, but offers a more holistic approach to actualize results. If you take the time to deeply digest this integrated work and all the guidance it offers, you will be equipped to profoundly shift your enterprise to a place where it can thrive in an increasingly turbulent marketplace.”
Mark Ferraro (@mark4ro), Coach & Consultant and co-author of Conscious Agility: Conscious Capitalism + Business Agility = Antifragility


“Alhir has taken the world-changing ideas of Nassim Taleb and translated them into practical advice that an executive or organization development practitioner can make use of. His depth of understanding of both worlds – antifragility and organizational development – is evident and The Antifragility Edge is a must-read for the informed practitioner.”
Paul Gibbons (@PaulGGibbons), Consultant and author of The Science of Successful Organizational Change: How Leaders Set Strategy, Change Behavior, and Create an Agile Culture


“Sinan Si Alhir has made a great contribution to understating the individual and collective areas of antifragility, resilience, growth, change and organizational design. And he has done it in a style that is both a practitioner’s style and a conceptual synthesizer. Usually one gets one or the other. Indeed, the great merit of the book is the building of bridges between different angles and approaches, all of them seeing life through their particular glasses. Si seems to sit at the summit of the conceptual mountain and let all those approaches climb up, and convene at a level that can facilitate the conversation. As such, the conversation launches more questions than provides answers. Taleb’s brain is probably made of different substance than most of us mortals, but he is not an organizational practitioner. The bridges between antifragile land and other lands are still in construction. One at least is now built enough to walk in. And this is Si’s book.”


“In his latest book, Si Alhir has transformed antifragility from being a mostly academic and abstract concept and applied it to the real world that you and I experience every day. Alhir demonstrates and shows, in all clarity and simplicity, how antifragility can come alive in individuals, in organizations, in businesses, in everything, really, if we understand how to apply it. It is a book not just about how to run your business, in the end it is also about how to run your life, successfully.”
– Jan Husdal (@janhusdal), Resilience Adviser


“Si Alhir has done fundamental work in illustrating the challenges we – as individuals, managers, citizens and community members – are facing when entering the Postnormal VUCA Era. He not only takes Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s brilliant theories to the more practical level but he also gives extremely valuable food for thought on how to improve our ‘vucability’ level. Si’s masterpiece is highly recommended reading for those who want to thrive also in the emergent Postnormal Era.”


“Precise, concise, penetrating, and illuminating, The Antifragility Edge, is the perfect companion to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s masterwork, Antifragile. Effectively balancing out the often evocative bombast of Taleb’s didactic style with a clean, objective, and dispassionate discourse, Alhir’s approach is the balance needed for the professional reader who desires something to augment, deepen, and smooth out Taleb’s brilliant and enjoyable but sometimes overwhelming displays of self-serving emotion. If you love Taleb, and who doesn’t, Alhir offers the perfect ‘workbook’ for the consultant, coach, or knowledgeable or lay reader. If Taleb has written the Bible on Antifragility, a distinction that he coined, then Alhir’s intelligent and highly accessible book, The Antifragility Edge is a must read for the practitioner.”
John King, Cultural Architect and co-author of Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization


“Si Alhir wields a sharp antifragility edge as he slices through the OODA loop to free up new strategies for dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and uncertainty (otherwise known as VUCA). His practical field guide to antifragility will help organizations at every level: individual, collective and enterprise. Given the reality of exponential change, this book is a timely addition to every business leader’s library.”


“Nearly every organization is asking the same question today: How to survive in the fast-paced, unpredictable competitive environment into which we are accelerating? Alhir offers an answer to an even more exciting possibility: How can organizations redesign themselves to thrive because of the historic shift in the pace of competition? By applying some of the practical advice Alhir outlines in The Antifragility Edge, we can turn volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity into allies.”


“Si Alhir – with combination of firsthand practical experience, deep heartfelt sincerity, and sharp intellect – has written the book to future-proof (antifragility) you, your business, and your teams. Si takes abstract concepts and translates them into very human applications that not only changes the way you look at business, but changes the way you look at life.”
James Key Lim (@jameskeylim), Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and former CEO of Zappos Delivering Happiness at Work based upon #1 NYT best seller by Tony Hsieh, CEO of


“Much has been written and discussed around the need for business agility in times of constant change. But what if you could not only react quickly, but indeed thrive among the chaos, benefitting from it and using the sudden changes and shifting needs to your advantage? To enable that superpower, one must be antifragile, the opposite of fragility, reenergizing from change instead of crumbling under it. Think of what that could do for decision-making and planning in times of great uncertainty, volatility, and unpredictable change events – innovating, experimenting, and coming out ahead while others are merely trying to survive. That is what Si Alhir’s insightful book offers, illuminating and building upon Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s original antifragility concept in great clarity and simplicity, and with an action plan that can be put to use immediately. Indeed, it will infuse you and your organization with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit that will take you beyond adaptability to true innovation. It’s an indispensable tool for any change leadership toolkit.”
Jerry Manas (@jerrymanas), Consultant and author of Managing the Gray Areas: Essential Insights for Leading People, Projects & Organizations


“In an age of random and non-linear opportunity, Sinan Si Alhir has written an important, urgent book. Packed with indispensable insights, it will help future leaders raise their game.”
Anne McCrossan (@Annemcx), founder of Visceral Business


“Sinan Si Alhir understands that fragility can be detected, measured, and transformed despite crisis, collapse, and transition. His new book provides badass, practical, and actionable guidance for achieving antifragility. Insight and innovation comes from the fringe, ‘the edge’. In the words of Sinan Si Alhir, ‘antifragility is a delicate dance – at the antifragility edge – between reality and aliveness.'”
Kirsten Osolind (@reinventioninc), Managing Partner and SVP of Strategy and Innovation with RE:INVENTION Consulting


“Understanding systems and domino effects is essential in this era of complexity. That is why a voice such as Sinan Si Alhir is so important. He takes an eagle’s view of the landscape and is able to extract what is essential. He then has the gift of the aesthetic to bring information to scale in a way that is not only accessible but is also beautiful. That is exactly what he has done here in The Antifragility Edge. As a reader you will make new connections. As a leader you will better understand cause/effect. As an individual you will have more discernment.”
Jennifer Sertl (@JenniferSertl), Business Strategist and co-author of Strategy, Leadership and the Soul: Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection for a Global Economy


“Most people fear the inevitable uncertainty of our complex modern world. However, Si Alhir explains in The Antifragility Edge how we can benefit from leveraging the unpredictability and lead ourselves, our teams and organizations towards better futures. His ideas enable us to discover options and opportunities that we could not have imagined with traditional thinking and approaches.”


“Si Alhir explores the phenomenon, impacts and implications of antifragility in this work, and he uniquely does so at the individual, collective and enterprise levels. Si is a foremost expert on the topic of antifragility. Leaders and would-be leaders of all organizations seeking to not only survive, but thrive, in an era of unpredictability and rapid global change are advised to study and become antifragile. In The Antifragility Edge: Antifragility in Practice, Si proves an expert guide and practitioner. He makes the difficult concepts and theories behind antifragility eminently practical and meaningful – at the individual, group, and corporate levels. This work will empower you to embrace disruption and change while the competition is struggling to orient and respond.”


“Change creates disorder and the systems we put in place to manage change create even more disorder. Sinan Si Alhir does an admirable job of helping the reader to think through their own systematic approach to change-management so that we can all better design solutions to problems that are not just robust, they are antifragile!”
Lex Sisney (@lexsisney), author of Organizational Physics – The Science of Growing a Business


“Sinan Si Alhir has taken the most powerful current thinking about resilience, adaptation, and organizational transformation and synthesized it in a brand new way. Antifragility is absolutely necessary for thriving during rapid, sometimes unceasing and extraordinary change, and can give organizations a powerful edge.”


“Leaders know the goal is to thrive (not just survive) in our VUCA world, and inspire their teams and organizations to do so as well. Alhir offers a wealth of actionable insights to equip leaders to do just that, emerging stronger and better than before, individually and collectively.”
Barbara Trautlein (@btrautlein), Principal of Change Catalysts, LLC and author of Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ to Lead Change that Sticks