The Practical How-To Guide for
Embracing Disruption and Thriving at the Edge

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“Precise, concise, penetrating, and illuminating, The Antifragility Edge is the perfect companion to Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s masterwork, Antifragile. … If Taleb has written the Bible on Antifragility, a distinction that he coined, then Alhir’s intelligent and highly accessible book, The Antifragility Edge is a must read for the practitioner.”
John King, Cultural Architect and co-author of Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization


“Si Alhir has written the book to future-proof (antifragility) you, your business, and your teams.”
James Key Lim (@jameskeylim), Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and former CEO of Zappos Delivering Happiness at Work based upon #1 NYT best seller by Tony Hsieh, CEO of


“This work will empower you to embrace disruption and change while the competition is struggling to orient and respond.”
Becky Sheetz (@BeckySheetz), Speaker & Trainer and author of The Art of War for Small Business and Sun Tzu for Women


“Sinan Si Alhir offers a way for organisations to feed on disruption. He offers strategies for flourishing in chaos, embracing today’s global economic uncertainties.”
David Cushman (@davidcushman), Business Consultant and author of The 10 Principles of Open Business: Building Success in Today’s Open Economy


“Alhir has taken the world-changing ideas of Nassim Taleb and translated them into practical advice that an executive or organization development practitioner can make use of.”
Paul Gibbons (@PaulGGibbons), Consultant and author of The Science of Successful Organizational Change: How Leaders Set Strategy, Change Behavior, and Create an Agile Culture