Why antifragility?

With the soul of a practitioner, my consulting and coaching practice is rooted in Sun Tzu’s Art of War and working with chaos, which is inherent to reality. Fundamentally, I partner with clients and work with chaos in advancing their flourishing.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder (2012) crystalizes that antifragility is about disorder and growth (or gain). Given that disorder and chaos are near synonymous and given that growth and flourishing are near synonymous, among other reasons, the congruence and synergy of antifragility with my consulting and coaching was almost intuitive. Given that flourishing involves being alive and thriving in reality, and given that partnering involves a ‘delicate dance’ of integrating disparate aspects, partnering with clients and working with chaos in advancing their flourishing is a journey that is always ‘delicate’ and always at the ‘edge’ of success and failure, a delicate dance between reality and aliveness.

Perhaps what resonates most about antifragility, with me, is what resonates most about Sun Tzu’s Art of War, its ‘naturalness’.

Why mindsets, questions, leadership, conversations, relationships, behaviours, groups, dysfunctions, conflict, teaming, communities, adaptive cycles, and panarchy?

Again, with the soul of a practitioner, these aspects were ‘revealed through practice’ and ‘born from practice’ to form the skeleton of this book. They fundamentally reify our human nature and human dynamics in the context of the human condition.

Thank you . . .

There are a number of individuals who made this book possible, specifically those who endured me – the ‘bundle of chaos’ that I am or the ‘epitome of chaos’ as some have proclaimed I am.

My father Saad and mother Rabab, thank you for giving me life and nurturing me throughout the journey of life. My wife Milad and daughter Nora, thank you for enduring me throughout the journey. My family members, thank you for sharing in the journey. My mentor, Carl V. Page, the father of Larry Page (co-founder of Google), thank you for remaining present on the journey.

My wife Milad, thank you for being you and thank you for embracing who I am.

My daughter Nora, thank you for forcing me to learn those things that I failed to learn throughout my life and forcing me to unlearn some things that I learned throughout my life.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the ‘father of Antifragility’ and the ‘father of Black Swans’, thank you for raising our awareness of black swans and antifragility.

Carol Dweck, Marilee G. Adams, Barbara A. Trautlein, Judith E. Glaser, Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright, Leandro Herrero, Bruce Wayne Tuckman, Patrick Lencioni, Kenneth W. Thomas, Ralph H. Kilmann, Amy C. Edmondson, Étienne Wenger, and Crawford Stanley Holling, thank you for your wisdom. While your wisdom has proven to be demonstrably beneficial in fostering antifragility in practice, as entrepreneurs and adventurers, we’ll respectfully continuously and endlessly leverage stress to discover even more wisdom for fostering antifragility.

Judith E. Glaser, thank you for your wisdom and thank you for contributing the Forward to this book. You and your wisdom are a ‘gift’ to the world. You are deeply appreciated.

Brad Barton, Tony Bendell, David Cushman, Steve Fastabend, Mark Ferraro, Paul Gibbons, Leandro Herrero, Jan Husdal, Ilkka Kakko, John King, Doug Kirkpatrick, Kaihan Krippendorff, James Key Lim, Jerry Manas, Anne McCrossan, Kirsten Osolind, Jennifer Sertl, Becky Sheetz, Arthur Shelley, Lex Sisney, Karlin Sloan, and Barbara Trautlein, thank you for your thoughts and contributing advance praise for this book. You and your comments mean more than you know. You are deeply appreciated.

Brad Barton, Mark Ferraro, and Steve Fastabend, thank you for your partnership over the years. We are indeed students of human nature and human dynamics in the context of the human condition. Looking forward to continuing to explore the notion that the human animal, with its human nature, is the most dangerous animal in its natural habitat.

Sara Taheri, Andrew Mueller, and Martin Liu of LID Publishing, thank you for your patience, believing in this book, and everything you contributed to make this book real. And others with LID Publishing, thank you for everything you contributed to make this book real.

I would also like to thank all of my clients and colleagues – both those who have partnered with me and those who have seemingly not partnered with me over the years – for the stress that has energized me to adapt and survive as well as evolve and thrive. Thank you for allowing me to foster your antifragility and thank you for fostering my antifragility.

I will not forget any of you, and I only ask that you please remember me.